WhatsApp Business app

January 22, 2018

WhatsApp is used globally by people to connect, building on the similar platform of connectivity Whatsapp inc. has now launched a specific WhatsApp Business app.

The most important thing with this app is that it will let companies chat with consumers directly and efficiently.

But originally it was primarily built for communication between people.

To make WhatsApp a better dedicated tool for businesses, the company has launched WhatsApp Business with business oriented tools.

WhatsApp Business app

It’s free to download from the Google Play Store and will make it easier for businesses to connect with customers, keep personal and business messages separate, and establish an official presence.

whatsapp business app

It’s currently available in the US, UK, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia, and will continue to roll out around the world.

With 1.3 billion active WhatsApp users globally ,  the new business app adds a host of new features.

  • Create Business Profiles – Provides business description, email, store address, website and more.
  • New Messaging Tools – Quick replies for frequently asked questions, introductory greeting messages and away messages if you’re unavailable.
  • Messaging Statistics – Number of messages read and other simple metrics.
  • WhatsApp Web – Use WhatsApp Business on your desktop.
  • Account Type – Accounts will be identified as a business account and businesses will soon be able to have confirmed accounts when their account and business phone numbers match.

In India and Brazil, for example, over 80% of small businesses say that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers and grow their business.

WhatsApp Business will significantly improve their capabilities

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