Top Apps for Freelancers

December 4, 2018

Freelancing is a top trend and many people rely on it for their livelihood. With all the ease freelancing offers by working from your home and at your own timetable. Making freelancing a very competitive field with all the perks. So we rounded up some Top Apps for Freelancers in order to get most out of their time. With the help of these apps, you will not only get more productive but also save a lot of time. Not only that they will also help freelancers in multiple business dimensions while improving marketing strategy and increasing cash flow.

Apps for Freelancers



This is basically a mac app. It can be described as a flexible spreadsheet and database that helps you manage everything from budgets to project workflow. You can organize your contacts and projects on a freelancing dashboard. You can start with ‘past clients’ who have paid you in the past, then ‘prospects,’ and after that, ‘contacts. Airtable will also enable you to manage projects and track your earnings easily. You can see how much money you are earning and saving.


Paperform is a tool that lets you create all kinds of visually appealing forms with your own branding that can also take online payments. You can use this app for anything from selling a book to lead generation to event tickets and surveys. The nice thing about Paperform is it’s super flexible and super fast, and it kind of gets out of its own way so you can get a landing page done in five minutes.


Wave is a very powerful software targeted to entrepreneurs for accounting, invoicing, and payments.  With this, you will be able to add your own branding to the invoices for clients. You will able to inform your clients about due balance and due dates synced across platforms. So basically all your invoices are in one place with your client’s getting sort of a live feed to their bills.


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