Android, Iphone December 19, 2018

Pakistan Citizen Portal App

In today’s digital world if you are not updating yourself then you are bound to be left behind. Same was the case when the government of Pakistan decided to bring advancement into its complaint handling process….

Android, Iphone December 17, 2018

Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet

The all-new Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet feature is now available in the browser’s Android app. Opera for Android app with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum support can be downloaded from the Play Store. Opera plans to…

Android December 13, 2018

Google Sounds app makes Android ringtones

There is a new app on the horizon set to be released by Google. You can easily guess by the sound of it that it will help customize your sound alerts. With the release of Google’s…

Android December 10, 2018

Find Hidden Apps on your Android Phone

Hidden apps on Android phones aren’t generally something to worry about. But when you go through your own phone or your children’s phone then its important that you go through all the hidden content. We will…

Android, Iphone November 27, 2018

Note taking apps for Students

If you take classes then there is a big possibility that you might be taking down notes as well. Normally people who carry smartphone they as well take down notes the old fashion way, by…