Opera Touch Android Browser

May 16, 2018

High speed browsing across different devices and platforms has become a most required feature among browser apps. Opera Touch Android Browser promises to offer all the required features across platforms and devices along with high speed browsing.

Opera Touch Android Browser for Easy Commute

Its  creators touted its new browser as a faster web search browser compared to its previous versions and a perfect companion for your Opera PC browser. Some of its highlighted features include instant search.

Search Quickly and Smoothly

Once you have installed the browser it instantly takes you to the home screen. At home screen you will be able to go Opera Touch Android Browserthrough your preferred search engines database with the click of a button.  It also includes all your thumbnails and preferences associated with your most searched web pages. One might not highlight it as a unique feature as almost all the web browsers offer almost a similar search interfaces but the loading time of Opera Touch Android Browser is very noticeable.


Specially Designed for Commuting and Walking

Most other browsers have not focused on this one particular requirement for on the go easy user interface. When we Opera Touch Android Browsersay on the go – we usually mean one handed use while taking a walk.  With the introduction of fast action buttons it conveniently allows it users to tap and use the almost the whole app single handedly. All you need is your thumb and tap away through your searches easily browsing through and walking the way.


Integrated across all platforms

Opera Touch Android Browser

Like we mentioned in the start of this article that one of the most important thing that a consumer takes into account when selecting a particular web browser is access across devices. Opera Touch Android Web Browser offers this as well with its Opera Browser for Pc. With seamless web browsing across platforms you will be living a life of easy access across devices. When you have a lot going on in your PC’s web browser it becomes really handy when you can access all the bookmarks and saved pages on the go on your mobile devices.

Opera Flow

Opera flow works very much like google’s drive in terms of  functionality such as accessibility to saved data across devices. The feature that makes it stand out is seamlessly adding your chosen links, videos, images and notes to your flow drive and they will simultaneously pop up across devices with easy access and editing capabilities. Flow is encrypted, private and kept to yourself. All you have to do is to add devices and start sending data between devices, android or IOS.

In the end you will have to check it out yourself and see if it works for you. All we can do is share our opinion and we have a really good one for this particular app. If you decide to give it a go just follow the link below and access your flow .






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