Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet

December 17, 2018

The all-new Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet feature is now available in the browser’s Android app. Opera for Android app with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum support can be downloaded from the Play Store. Opera plans to roll out the same capabilities for its PC browser on Mac, Linux, and Windows in 2019.

Basically, with google chrome taking the lead as the most used browser, Opera had to come up with something new. This unique and new feature must have become the brainchild keeping the value of crypto in mind. Opera will help its users manage cryptocurrency via a built-in digital wallet on Android. Crypto Wallet,” the new feature will be available for Opera’s Android browser as a private beta; interested parties can sign up here.

Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

People who deal or buy products with crypto might find the new feature handy. This can be especially handy when visiting a site to make virtual currency-based purchases. The wallet also features a simple user interface that does away with PIN numbers or passcodes to sign transactions. To sign in you will just have to unlock your android device by pattern or fingerprint unlock.

Opera wallet supports tokens and collectibles, including CryptoKitties. Opera envisions the new wallet opening the door for more consumers and merchants to begin using and building around cryptocurrencies. Paying with the Crypto Wallet is like sending digital cash straight from your phone. Test users can access the wallet by going to the browser’s right-hand corner and clicking the “O” icon.

We will just have to wait and watch if this new innovation finds ground with its recipient users. But until then the testing phase will play a vital role in making or breaking the new feature truly world-class.

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