iPhone Apps Gone Free

September 22, 2018

This weekend we bring you some of the best iPhone Apps Gone Free. And by free we mean temporarily prices removed by apps developers for a certain discount or time period. This means you need to download them without any further adieu. Normally these apps do not cost a lot but when something is free then you should grab the deal.

iPhone Apps Gone Free

Lazy Larry Lizard 

Previously was $1.99 and now its Free, total file size 63.6 MB.

Lazy Larry Lizard is based on a story about a little green lizard who enjoys life in his own way. The storybook will teach your child about appropriate behavior towards others, socially and physically. It includes interactive elements on each page, optional narration with highlighted text, and a bonus game.

Lazy Larry Lizard is available for free for a limited time and It has a 3.5-star rating.


Last known price was $1.99 now its Free, total file size is 21.9 MB. For Artists, improves artistic and drawing skills. Very handy for those with a creative finger. Choose one of six canvas colors and get to work. The app sports a simplified UI, allowing you to focus on your creation. It includes colored pencils, three graphite pencil styles, and four charcoal pencil styles to choose from. You’re also able to sketch with a grid, adjust size and opacity, and use a photo as a reference.

LetSketch is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4-star rating with a total of 32 ratings.

Sea of Squares

Sea of squares app

Was cheap previously only at a $0.99 now its Free, totally file size 7.9 MB. A puzzle game that has you strategically removing 3-D squares.

Sea of Squares is simple, each level presents you with a set of squares that must be cleared. You’re able to remove them by tapping two or more adjacent squares of the same color. Every time you remove a set of squares the rest will squeeze in, creating new matches. When you near the end and can’t create a match, hit the reshuffle button and mix up the colors. You have a limited amount of reshuffles, so use them wisely. The game includes a total of 100 levels and three difficulty settings.

Sea of Squares is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating.

Give these apps a download while the offer lasts and make the best of them and don’t forget to leave a review in the comments section.

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