Google Sounds app makes Android ringtones

December 13, 2018

There is a new app on the horizon set to be released by Google. You can easily guess by the sound of it that it will help customize your sound alerts. With the release of Google’s “Sounds” app, users will be able to choose their favorite sounds for alarms, ringtones, and notifications.

This app may not work with every Android phone. The newest Android smartphones on the market will be its playing ground. For those that will have access to Sounds, it’ll expand the abilities and the depth of the sounds interface in Android. This is a first time Google has given preference to the audible sound department of its software.

All users will be able to select sounds with accompanying visuals. This doesn’t mean the sounds need a place to show their accompanying visual elements. It’s just that Google’s made a more visually stimulated user interface for its app.

Google Sounds app

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