Google Releases 3 New system apps

October 24, 2018

Google will keep updating until everything is updated. Google Releases 3 New system apps to make app and device connectivity more convenient.  But be sure that these apps are Pixel specific. If you use a Google Pixel phone then these apps are for you. Pixel Tips powers an animated guide that introduces you to your Pixel 3 phone. Voice Action Services is connected in some imprecisely defined way to voice-based Assistant actions.

Google Releases 3 New system apps

Pixel Tips

The Pixel Tips app drives a shortcut that appears when first setting up the device, which takes you through a few quick walkthroughs on how things work on your new phone. Eventually, the shortcut to the tutorials dismisses itself if you don’t follow it, but you can manually access the same set of tips via the Settings app. There are 20 tutorials in total, each one having its own animated GIF that demonstrates how the feature in question works.

Connectivity Health Services

connectivity Tips

Connectivity Health Services will come preinstalled on Pixel 3s. It is said to “improve battery health with connectivity optimizations. By the looks of it, this app might work as clutter clearer for the pixel phone aiming to speed up the device.

 Voice Action Services

connectivity Tips

This app provides core functionality to support voice-based actions. These components allow you to more quickly perform actions to interact with your device or currently installed applications.

It also doesn’t require either Chrome or the Google Search app. So it could be an indication of Google breaking more Assistant functionality out from the Google app. Since it isn’t compatible with any of my own hardware just yet, we’ll have to wait and see.

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