Get Paid Apps for Free on Android

November 23, 2018

We understand that people would do anything for a good deal. But with a little resourcefulness, you can get paid apps for free on android. The methods described in the article might not get you your required bucket list apps. But we will let you know of a few ways which will enable you to be on a look out and create opportunities for yourself. So here’s how to knock the price tags off of apps and games you’ve got your eye on.

Get Paid Apps for Free on Android

App Discount Sites to Get Paid Games for Free

App Discount Sites

 App discount tracking sites are probably the most straightforward approach. These websites are the first stepping stone to your path in finding free deals and also the easiest and trustable way to download apps. If you are on a trusted website, chances are that your downloads will be malware free and mobile friendly. But still, you will have to be on a lookout because you can never be too sure. These web pages will offer both discounted and totally free options and who knows if you are lucky then you might be able to find your dream app in the free listing.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Using google opinion rewards is easy. All you have to do is to give Google a direct line into your personal preferences and fill out a few forms instead of spending money. What you have to do is to become one of these users and download the Google Opinion Polls app, enter some general demographic information (e.g. what age range you fall into).

Developer Pages on Social Networks and get Free options 

There are a lot of aspiring developers out there, and one way they promote their work is by giving some of it away! Rather than running a “sale” with a 100% markdown directly in the Google Play Store, though, developers will disseminate promo codes to their most ardent fans.

These developers often find their fans by announcing giveaways where their fans are more likely to look: on the developer’s social media pages. Unless you know the names of the ones whose apps you’re most interested in, the best way to find developers is to find online communities where developers mingle.
If you search for “Android icon packs” on Google+, you’ll find a few rolling threads where icon pack creators go to market their wares, with many of them handing out a finite set of promo codes.
Other good social networks for finding developers are Reddit and XDA Developers. In the case of the latter, a lot of developers host their free apps directly on that platform as APK files, which you can install with the same steps as for installing the Amazon App Store above.

Beta Programs

Beta Testing

Developers release free betas of apps they plan to sell later. You can find these apps by searching the Play Store for “beta”, “dev”, “testing” or similar terms and seeing what comes up. A good sign you’re on the right track is if you see the “Early Access” designation where the price is usually listed in the search results page, though the absence of this doesn’t mean there’s no beta program.

There are a couple of tricks you can use to refine your search for them, though. There’s actually a dedicated section of the Play Store for Early Access apps called, aptly enough, “Early Access.” In the Play Store, from the home page, simply swipe the list of app categories under the list of different Play Stores to the left until you find “Early Access”.

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