Free Classic games for your iPhone and Android

December 26, 2018

Ahh, the good old Classic games, reminders of one’s childhood and early days. You could play all day without the hassle of buying any fancy powerups. Without any need to connect with Facebook for free gifts and no adds to stop your progress. In Classic games, the only target was to beat your previous best score and clear all stages. Those days seem to be coming back as almost all the developers have chosen to bring the games back from the dead. You can now download almost all the popular games from the past. Almost all the games are now available to download from your local iOS or play store. The best thing is they are totally free. So we compiled a list for you in case you have missed these nostalgic digitales.

Classic games for your iPhone or Android


Who can forget this game, that no one understood but everyone played. You might already know the goal of this game is to uncover all squares that do not contain mines. This game is free for Android and iOS but you can buy a premium version without adds.


Tetris” game is free for both iPhones and Android phones. You can download now and start playing straight away without any annoying adds. This addictive game can be dubbed as the basis for all the puzzle games and candy crush saga.

Brick Breaker

brick breaker

The brick breaker is a throwback from the classic blackberry phones. For the people who owned or used a blackberry, this is a must. The one available for iPhone has better reviews compared to its Android counterpart.


Snake game had a lot of fans thus a lot of counterparts have since popped up after the classic Nokia version. There’s also a version called “,” where you can play against other “Snake” fanatics around the world.

It’s free for iOS and Android. You can also play in a browser for free at


Who can forget the age-old arcade game lovers heaven and euphoria that Pac-Man brought. Now updated and ready for the smartphone world this game makes sure that you get the same old feeling in a newer way. You can play this game on your iPhone or Android smartphone with added graphics and new stages this game is bound to make your time pass a nostalgic affair.

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