Iphone November 26, 2017

iPhone 7 Battery Case

While now as we are in the era of iPhone 8 and the iPhone X , we still have some time before people in Pakistan make their transition to the newer versions of the device….

Iphone November 14, 2017

Notch Remover App For Iphone X

A new App has been introduced into the app store by a developer who states that his app will help you remove the famous notch on the iPhone X . Apple started with the slogan…

Iphone November 4, 2017

Apple sells 47 million iPhones in three months

Apple, the world’s largest tech company, announced its fourth-quarter fiscal year financial results on November 2. The company’s revenue was up 12 percent, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of accelerating growth. The company saw year-over-year…

Iphone October 22, 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 is way Ahead

At first glance, Apple’s new iPhone 8 series bears a strong resemblance to the American tech giant’s earlier smartphones. But a closer look reveals tweaks and new technologies that put the latest models a leap…

Iphone October 21, 2017

iPhone X Facial Recognition

Most readers are probably aware of Apple’s big reveal last month of its next-generation iPhone X, with one of the primary talking points being how facial recognition is replacing the fingerprint scanner for secure authentication. Regardless of…

Iphone October 17, 2017

iPhone X will drive a worldwide spike

The expected success of the iPhone X could help drive worldwide device shipments — comprising smartphones, tablets, and PCs — to their highest level of growth since 2015, a new report claims. Figures released by…