Iphone December 22, 2018

Keto Apps for Low Carb Diets

A lot of new keto diet trends and high-end nutritionist centers have opened up in posh neighborhoods. Keto is very hard to follow diet trend especially for those people who have grown up around fast…

Android, Iphone December 19, 2018

Pakistan Citizen Portal App

In today’s digital world if you are not updating yourself then you are bound to be left behind. Same was the case when the government of Pakistan decided to bring advancement into its complaint handling process….

Android, Iphone December 17, 2018

Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet

The all-new Opera Cryptocurrency Wallet feature is now available in the browser’s Android app. Opera for Android app with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum support can be downloaded from the Play Store. Opera plans to…

Iphone December 4, 2018

Top Apps for Freelancers

Freelancing is a top trend and many people rely on it for their livelihood. With all the ease freelancing offers by working from your home and at your own timetable. Making freelancing a very competitive field…

Android, Iphone November 27, 2018

Note taking apps for Students

If you take classes then there is a big possibility that you might be taking down notes as well. Normally people who carry smartphone they as well take down notes the old fashion way, by…

Iphone November 25, 2018

Apps Draining Your Phones Battery

Ever wondered how your phone battery gets drained by mid-afternoon? You will probably hold facebook app responsible for your quick battery drain. But it turns out that there are several other apps that are currently running on…

Iphone November 20, 2018

You can have Six pack abs with this app

Don’t say that you never wanted to be physically fit. Especially in today’s world of Instagram and social media apps, everyone wants to be a celebrity. Without a doubt, those who spend time and money…