Best Travel Planner Apps

October 28, 2018

Planning a trip? You can use these travel planner apps to your advantage on the road. These apps will work for you locally and internationally but you will still require an internet connection for proper function.

Google Trips

Google Trips


Google Trips can plan out entire days for you at virtually any location. Nearby activities and suggestions are automatically offered, with more in reserve in case you’re not happy with the original options.

All reservations and confirmation details are pulled from Gmail and organized within the app so your travel information is always handy.

Google Trips functions without an internet connection, which can really come in handy while traveling.

Available On: Android, iOS


Hopper Flight Planner

Hopper’s algorithm tries to predict where flight prices are headed. This feature will alert you at the right moment to spring into action and book your trip at the lowest price. The app analyzes billions of prices per day and claims to predict what the cheapest one will be with a 95% accuracy rate. Hopper’s large user base certainly helps to rubber stamp a notable level of success in that area.

The Watch feature ensures you rarely miss a good deal, sending push notifications to your device when it’s time to commit.

Available On: Android, iOS



Kayak searches hundreds of travel sites instantly in an attempt to provide every possible deal on a flight, hotel, or rental car all in the same location.

Not only a booking tool, but Kayak also lets you organize everything in one place. With up-to-date details on security wait times, along with airport terminal maps. The app can even measure your luggage using your phone’s camera.

Kayak’s Explore feature is very helpful if you’ve yet to decide on a destination.

Available On: Android, iOS, All major web browsers

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