Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

November 12, 2018

Don’t worry if you have an iPhone, you can still play with your pictures. With these Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps, you will be able to add life to your pictures. Set yourself apart from the sea of content with one of these programs available now in the app store. You can edit and add almost any feature from retro to classic. And for those who want to go a step further, you can always upgrade to pro feature by paying for in-app purchases. So go through the list and try the apps for a first-hand experience.

iPhone Photo Editing Apps

A Color Story

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

A Color Story is a great place to start. You can buy preset filters or venture into adjusting your levels (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.) on your own for free. Presets range in cost from $2 to $4, depending on the set. You can also insert light flares, adjust bokeh, and overlay color fog to add a creative touch on your photos. What’s more, this app allows you to save your own settings so you don’t have to do it manually every time.


Best iPhone Apps

Go back to 1998 with this virally popular photo-editing app. Huji makes any photo look like a film print totally vintage. Although you can’t manually adjust any levels, this app automatically adds random effects to mimic natural light leaks and even time stamps your photo with any date you’d like to add to your street cred.



Snapseed has too many preset filters to count. Along with being able to adjust the normal color and brightness levels, you can choose from over 28 effects, like Glamour Glow, Grainy Film, Vintage, Grunge, Black and White, and Noir. And if there’s a person in the photo, you can even change the tilt of his head, how wide his smile is, and how far apart his eyes are—if you’re into that. There’s also a double-exposure option that lets you overlay two photos to create some cool images.

Adobe Photoshop Express

best iPhone Photo Editing Software

If you are accustomed to the adobe pc app then this will be perfect for you, you’ll be right at home with Photoshop Express. Edit your photos on the go and send them via the app to Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom CC, or Photoshop CC on your desktop. You can remove blemishes on faces, create natural-looking bokeh, add text overlays, and choose among seven preset filters.


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