Best email and texting apps for Android

November 10, 2018

Like always we have put together some of the best email and texting apps for Android. You will give yourself an edge in business communication with these exceptional Android messaging apps. From emailing clients to texting colleagues, our smartphones keep us connected to business wherever we may roam. But the apps that come installed on devices by default aren’t always the best options; in fact, they can often be disadvantageous when it comes to professional productivity.

The Best email and texting apps for Android


Google’s Gmail app is easy to use and synced across platforms. Your computer and mobile streams will work closely giving you more control. The Android app gives you the same basic inbox setup as the desktop site, complete with all the categories and labels. Gmail app can work with any type of email account or even multiple email accounts. Whether they’re associated with Google, Microsoft Exchange, or any webmail provider or company server.

Microsoft Outlook

The Outlook Android app will make you feel right at home handling email from your phone. Its Android app provides an attractive interface with Microsoft’s Focused inbox configuration. Emails are sorted into two separate tabs if they’re deemed worthy of your immediate attention then focused, or an “Other” tab if they’re determined to be unimportant. Like its desktop counterpart, the app even offers integrated access to any calendars associated with your accounts. The Outlook Android app doesn’t have to be only for Microsoft accounts, either; it can handle external email accounts — from any webmail provider or company server.


Protonmail can be termed as one of the most secure mailing platforms. It uses an open-source form of end-to-end encryption that allows your messages to remain inaccessible to everyone but your intended recipient, if you wish, even inaccessible to that person if he or she doesn’t open within a specified amount of time.

You’re not required to provide any personal information upon signing up, the service doesn’t store any IP addresses or identifying data, and the servers are hosted in Switzerland in order to keep them out of U.S. and European Union jurisdiction. That’s enough surety to stay secure and easy when making online deals. The best thing is the service doesn’t require your recipients to use ProtonMail.

If you send an encrypted message to a regular email address, you simply set a password and provide a hint that only your recipient would understand. He or she will then receive the hint along with a link to decrypt the message. You can also just send regular, unencrypted emails like you would in any other email client.

Spike Conversational Email

Spike Conversational Email

A brand new app called Spike (which evolved from an existing app known as Hop) will give your email correspondence a conversation outlook just like when you chat with someone.

The result is a completely re-imagined take on what email ought to be. For individual, person-to-person messages, Spike strips away all the standard email stuff and makes a thread look like a conversation. You can see when the other person has read your latest message. And if that person is also using Spike, you’ll see indicators showing when they’re typing, too.

Any conversations that aren’t personal or low-priority emails like purchase receipts, newsletters, and social media updates — get placed in a separate “Other” tab.




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