Apps Draining Your Phones Battery

November 25, 2018

Ever wondered how your phone battery gets drained by mid-afternoon? You will probably hold facebook app responsible for your quick battery drain. But it turns out that there are several other apps that are currently running on your device. So here are the Apps Draining Your Phones Battery and to blame for that constant red battery light.

“Most iPhone users have no idea that the biggest drain on their battery life comes from two things: location services and Bluetooth,” James Song, CEO of Shadow Foundry tells us.

Here are the Apps Draining Your Phones Battery

Google Photos

Apps Draining Your Phones Battery 1

This app is terrific for storing pictures in the cloud so you don’t have to give up precious storage space on your iPhone. But it’s also a sneaky battery hog,” Lisa McGreevy of tells us.  Its constant refresh feature drains the battery quickly and if you have given the location tag access then it drains the cells even quicker. On your iPhone, you can disable the automatic refresh feature or you can switch to iCloud altogether.

GPS and Location Services

Location Services

When turned on it is indicated by the little arrow at the top of your screen. In most cases, this is actually an app running in the background. Even if you denied access to those apps your iOS could still be tracking you to learn your whereabouts. Apple insists this is only to better serve GPS-based notifications to you, but in reality, it could be responsible for geo-based advertising. You can customize these settings by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Anything with a purple arrow (outline or fully filled) means you’re being tracked.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Just like GPS and location services, “Google Maps constantly searches for GPS information to keep your location updated. This takes an incredible amount of battery power to maintain. When you are not using the map, close the app by holding down the home screen and clicking on the “-” sign. This closes the app completely. When you are using the app but need to take a break, using the right button to shut the screen off will put the app into an energy saving mode and help with battery life, but your iPhone battery life will still drain faster than normal.”

Auto Brightness

Auto Brightness

Auto brightness enables you to see in bright or low light by adjusting the screen brightness accordingly. In the daytime, directly in the sun, you may notice your screen gets brighter than it does at night when you’re sitting at home. Sometimes the iOS won’t auto-adjust brightness if you’ve manually toggled it, or disabled auto-brightness. This makes your screen demand more power and as a result, it uses more battery. But you can reconfigure it to adjust automatically to Settings > Display & Brightness and keep it on low for a prolonged battery life.


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