Android apps will now update even while in use

November 16, 2018

In this new update, Developers will have the ability to let users stay in apps while app update downloads. Android apps will run uninterrupted as its update downloads and installs in the background. You must have noticed that while an app updates you are momentarily bared from using it. The company is introducing a new API for Android that will allow users to continue using apps while an update downloads in the background.  This feature will make the magic happen and make life easy.

Update Module

The new API will give developers a couple options after update. The first is a full-screen experience, which blocks the use of the app until the update downloads and installs. That option is recommended to be used for important updates that need to be installed immediately. Such as critical security patches and bug fixes. The second option is what Google is calling a flexible update. When enabled, users will be able to continue using an app while an update is downloaded. Developers will also be able to customize the update flow so it feels like it is part of the app.

This feature will be equally beneficial for app developers and users. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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